Sailing Solar supplies installation service including residential and commercial projects. We understand each customer has their unique demand, we care about what customer needs and are delicate to supply you with a tailored system. We supply regular maintenance service to existing solar system.


We are a solar products wholesaler too, our purchasing team has ample experience with the suppliers, we select the best quality and most affordable products for you.


We are a Tasmanian local company, we serve Tasmanian customers.


We know our products, our staff have years of solar industry experience, so we know the development of many manufacturers, all the products we selected are CEC approved and have high quality. With 25 years performance warranty, we endeavor to help you to reduce your power bill.


The easy to go finance allows you to pay for the system while you save, we make sure it is affordable and reliable.


We make quick responses for customer inquiries, all the inquiries will be responded in the same day.


Our main products are imported from manufacturers to our warehouse directly, therefore, we jump over the middle part and save more of your money.