Goodwe Smart Meter Home Kit HK1000

HomeKit offers 24-hour real-time consumption control. With the assistance of the GoodWe monitoring platform SEMS, HomeKit can calculate self-consumption levels per day, month or year, providing a comprehensive overview of load consumption and the general effciency achieved in the use of solar energy. Furthermore, the power consumption of the HomeKit itself is insignificant, saving on additional electricity costs.

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GoodWe HomeKit is a solution designed to monitor load energy consumption in real time, 24 hours a day. Based on best design principles, the HomeKit is tailored to homeowners’ needs and only requires an internet connection. It consists of a smart meter and a Wi-Fi / LAN communication module. An additional advantage of GoodWe HomeKit is that it can be applied to grid-connected systems with inverters of any brand or even systems without PV and it is a key component in keeping load consumption records. With 60-second update frequency, data is transmitted by Wi-Fi / LAN and stored on the cloud. End users benefit from a better understanding of their electricity consumption and the source from which it is generated. Moreover, if used together with a GoodWe inverter, HomeKit can limit the power exported to the grid.

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