Goodwe 10K MS

single-phase, 3 MPPT, 6000 MS is perfectly suitable for medium house requests. lightweight, easy for installation; low startup voltage, more efficient even in the weak sunshine.

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MS Series is GoodWe’s answer to the residential segments expanding needs. This 6kW Single-Phase model with 3 MPPT-s, is a powerful and versatile inverter. It is truly a champion in terms of DC oversizing, offering as much as 200%, way above the competition, making it possible as well to achieve 110% AC overloading. With a start-up voltage of only 80V, the MS is able to generate electricity earlier than equivalent products, achieving a high efficiency of 97.7%. This inverter is compatible with bifacial modules and outstandingly, as its maximum current input reaches 12.5A per string. Its lightweight allows for an effortless installation.

The startup voltage of MS series only requires 80V. This considerably low startup voltage distinguishes from the competitors that the solar system can generate power from dawn to dusk and even in very weak sunshine or irradiation whether condition, harness as much solar energy as possible!


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