Chint Smart Meter 1P DDSU666

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CHINT Single phase electricity meter, which is small size and high accuracy in measurement, it applied to rural and urban users’ active energy measurement. There are Din-rail type installation and bottom wiring connection, if bottom wiring connection, it’s according to BS standard or DIN standard. Meter with wide operating temperature range. Meter divided into prepayment and post payment. The product functions include large LCD display, infrared, RS485, PLC/RF,/GPRS communication, multi rate measurement, maximum demand, load profile, event record, power quality, load control, anti-tamper etc. Communication conform DLMS protocol.

Better AMI Performance
◎ Ultra Anti-Tamper
◎ Large LCD Display
◎ Advanced AMI Application



◎ Measurement of Import/Export/Absolute/Algebraic kWh

◎ Monitoring of Instantaneous kW, kvar, kVA, Irms, Vrms, Frequency, Power factor

◎ Measurement of Import/Export/ kvarh

◎ Local or remote connect/disconnect



◎ Optical port

◎ Built-in LoRa/RF/Bluetooth/PLC module (optional)

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