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Let’s take a brief step-by-step look at how solar energy works.

  1. Sunlight activates the solar panels

Each individual panel consists of a layer of silicon cells, a metal frame, a glass case surrounded by a special film, and wires. For maximum effect, these panels are grouped into “arrays” (ordered series) and placed on rooftops or large outdoor Spaces. Solar cells, also known as photovoltaic cells, absorb sunlight during the day.

2. The cell generates an electric current

Inside each solar cell is a thin semiconductor wafer made of two layers of silicon. One layer is positively charged and the other is negatively charged, creating an electric field. When light energy from the sun hits a photovoltaic solar cell, it powers the cell and causes electrons to “break away” from atoms inside a semiconductor wafer. Those loose electrons are moved by an electric field around the wafer, which generates an electric current.

3. Conversion of electric energy

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, but the electricity produced is called direct current (or DC). This is not the type of electricity that powers most homes, which is alternating current (or AC) electricity. Fortunately, direct current can be easily converted to alternating current using a small tool called an inverter. In modern solar systems, these inverters can be configured as a single inverter for the entire system or as a single micro-inverter attached to the back of the panel.

4. The converted electricity supplies the home

Once solar energy is converted from DC to AC, it flows through switchboards and is distributed in the home to power appliances. It works in the same way that power companies generate electricity through the grid, so nothing in the home needs to change. Since you’re still connected to your traditional power company, you can automatically draw additional power to supplement any solar shortfalls in the grid.

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